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Maso Runch

Our family’s history

I am Enrico Nagler, proud to be Ladin, and happy to tell you the story of our agrotoursim and this Farm, which has been in continuous business for over 200 years, and which the whole family runs every day, together with the Restaurant, the farm, and the brand new lodges to welcome those who fancy a stay in Alta Badia!

Our five children, Christian, Tommy, Evelyn, Stefanie and Karin, were born and raised here, since my wife Maria and I have been running this farm for over 40 years, and it has become our home and life. Many of our grandchildren live here too, with us. To us, this place means roots, history, tradition, love and family. It also means a place outside time, rather where time seems to have stopped to the 18th century, when the main building was erected, and which now hosts the restaurant, surrounded by unspoilt nature, where days still follow the rhythm spelled out by farming land and animals.

It is a simple and authentic place, just like we are, and the warmth with which we welcome you is the same we reserve to family here in South Tyrol, and in Alta Badia in particular.
Maso Runch Farm
Runch 11, I-39036 Badia (BZ),
Alta Badia - Dolomites
Tel. (Restaurant): +39 0471 839 796
Tel. (Apartments): +39 333 30 10 515
VAT No. 03097650216
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