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Maso Runch

Our restaurant and Ladin cuisine

Since we have started living in the Runch Farm and have launched our enterprise, we have focused on preserving the authenticity of the ancient Ladin cuisine, simple but based on South Tyrol’s fresh products, a cuisine which is now internationally renowned for its high quality and peculiar flavours, and which we have kept intact.

To make this possible, we have chosen continuity: that is why, after decades, we are still roasting shanks in our woodstove, as it gives the meat a unique flavor, and why we only use timber coming from our woods; and out of respect for the history of such an enchanted place, in the kitchen (ciasadafüch in Ladin) where the speck was smoked, the blackened ceiling remains untouched.

Even the inside structure of the Farm has not been touched except its intended use: on the ground floor, besides the kitchen, there are two stuben, where the old woodstove is, and where you can eat: they were once a living room and a bedroom (stangode in Ladin). It may be for this reason that guests always tell us they feel at home here. The rooms are simple, furnished in pure South Tyrol style, made cosy and warm by the passion we put in our work.

On the upstairs floor the pattern repeats: three stuben that were once bedrooms and a living room. But it holds a surprise, an entirely wooden veranda where you can eat in the summer!

Please don’t forget! On Sunday we get ready to welcome you on your weekly arrivals, so the restaurant is closed; on other days, we strongly advise you to book in advance, especially for dinner, to avoid you coming here and not finding a free table. Thank you! (Tel+390471839796)
Maso Runch Farm
Runch 11, I-39036 Badia (BZ),
Alta Badia - Dolomites
Tel. (Restaurant): +39 0471 839 796
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