• Maso Runch Farm
  • Maso Runch Farm
  • Maso Runch Farm
Maso Runch

Noriker horse breeding and carriage rides

My love for Noriker horses began when I was a boy, and today we have become esteemed breeders of this very old draught horse race. Some of our specimens have won several awards.

They are proud beasts, strong and magnificent just to look at; that is why we use them, upon request, to draw carriages for weddings and other special events. They have won many sleigh races and taken part to many folkloric parades in the whole of South Tyrol.

You have to see, at least once, one of the impressive horse events that take place in Alta Badia: the Cavalcata di San Leonardo (on a Sunday in the beginning of November, in San Leonardo in Badia); the Artists’ path, or Tru di Artisć, which winds through La Villa and San Cassiano, travelling on the typical local sleighs between January and February, with just the torches lighting up the way and the full moon, if you’re lucky; the Ladin sleigh wedding (Noza da paur in Ladin, at the beginning of February every two years in Alta Badia); or the Midsummer’s parade – Sfilata di Ferragosto – at La Villa, with a great historical procession, music bands, carriages and typical costumes.
Maso Runch Farm
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