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Maria’s recipes

The basis of our cuisine is fresh and wholesome ingredients from these lands, especially milk and eggs from our animals; the dishes are seasoned with herbs from our garden, rigorously organic (thyme, sage, rosmary, basil and especially chives). In staying at our lodges, you’ll be able to pick them yourselves and try out new recipes!

All the rest comes from the best South Tyrol producers, particularly those of Val Badia, which we have selected throughout the years.

That’s not to say you can’t try your hand with dishes you have particularly liked. How about trying one of these?


  • Turtres
Turtres (Spinach and ricotta turnover) for 4 people

Ingredients for the dough:
250 gr brown rye flour
250 gr wheat flour
150 gr white rye flour
½ litre warm whole milk
30 gr butter
3 eggs
2 spoons corn oil

For the filling:
200 gr spinach, biled and chopped
150 gr cow ricotta
1/8 litre fresh cream
½ onion
1 spoon butter
They are turnovers filled with ricotta and spinach, to serve with the panicia (barley soup). The secret is to use a mix of flour (rye, white and brown, and wheat) for the dough, and flavor the spinach for the filling by creaming them in a pan with onion, butter, ricotta and cream.

How to make the filling:
After boiling the spinach in salted water, grind them well with whatever tool you prefer (a fork, mortar and pestle, mixer, any of these will do!); julienne the onion and let it brown in a pan with the butter. Add the spinach, the ricotta, the cream and a pinch of salt. You run the risk of eating all the stuffing before the turnovers are filled, it’s so delicious. Don’t do it!

How to make the dough:
In a big bowl mix all the ingredients well, making sure no lumps remain (this is essential). Let rest for an hour in a cool place, then work the dough to make a cylinder of about 5 cm diameter.
Now, imagine the dough cylinder is a “sausage”, and cut it in slices. Flatten each slice so it becomes a circle. You can now place on each dough circle a rich spoonful of filling, which you will then cover with another dough circle. Close each turnover by pressing the edges well with your fingers. Weave a sort of hem, and ta-daa! You can now fry them in boiling soy seed oil (one litre), flipping the turnovers so they brown evenly. Once is enough. Remember: they’re best served hot!

Cajinci arstis

  • Cajinci arstis
Cajinci arstis (Turnovers or ravioli, fried, filled with spinach and ricotta) for 4 people

Ingredients for the dough:

200 gr. potatoes
25 gr. brewer’s yeast
250 gr. wheat flour 00
4 whole eggs
1/8 litre cream
1 cup warm milk (whole or partly-skimmed)
20 gr butter

Ingredients for the filling:
200 gr boiled and chopped spinach
150 gr cow ricotta
1/8 litre fresh cream
½ onion
1 spoon butter
Cajinci arstis are another speciality of the Ladin cuisine that we at Runch Farm still prepare following our ancestors’ recipe. They are big ravioli made with a potato-based dough, filled with spinach and ricotta, and then fried. Simply scrumptious!

How to make the filling:
Finely chop the onions, brown them in butter in a big pan. Add the previously boiled and chopped spinach, ricotta, cream and a pinch of salt.

How to make the dogh:
Melt the yeast in milk (in the given quantities) and leave in a warm place for an hour and a half. In the meantime, boil the potatoes, peel them, and make them into a puree. Put this puree in a big bowl and add butter, salt, eggs, flour, cream, and the milk with the yeast.
The dough must be worked quickly, making sure it comes all off from the bowl and that no lumps remain. You then roll the dough and make several circles.
Fill each circle with a rich spoonful of filling, then fold the dough on itself to make a semi-circle. The edges must overlap, so you can then close them carefully by hand. These crescents must be left to rest for an hour in a warm place, and then fried in boiling oil.

Remember: they’re best served hot!


  • Panicia
Panicia (Barley soup with smoked meat) for 4 people

200 gr barley
70 gr beans
4 potatoes
1 carrot
2 celery sticks
1/2 leek
½ onion
1 piece smoked pork meat
1 spoon butter
This is the traditional Ladin soup that can’t fail to be on our tables. This recipe is handed down from generation to generation, and its success is based on the wholesomeness of our land’s products. To cook this soup properly you’ll need to be patient. It will be well worth it.

How to make the soup:
Finely chop onions and brown them naturally in a big pan; then add the barley, the beans, the smoked pork meat cut in small cubes, and cover all in cold water. Cook on a lively flame for an hour and a half, then add the chopped vegetables (potatoes, carrot, celery and leek). Let the soup cook for another hour and a half. Add salt and butter just before you turn off the fire!
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